Raguso Method

The cutting-edge method of Frantoio Raguso for the production of premium quality extra virgin olive oil.

Excellent cultivars

To obtain an excellent oil you need excellent olives. We have studied all 539 varieties of olives that grow in Italy and we have selected only the best for our oils.


We collect the olives in the months of October and November and immediately take them to the mill. We do not leave them to rest outdoors, in the sun and in the cold as many producers do because to obtain a much healthier oil, the olives do not have to waste time but must be pressed when they are still alive and very fresh.

Cold extraction within hours

We cold-press the olives within a few hours of harvesting in a state-of-the-art plant that protects the oil from light and oxygen and above all prevents other substances from ending up in the olive paste.

Controlled temperature

At each stage we keep the olives at a controlled temperature below 21 ° (by law it must not exceed 27 °) to preserve the maximum flavors and aromas of the freshly harvested olives.

Protected conservation

After squeezing the olives, we filter the oil to remove the last particles of pulp and water and then we store it in special tanks under liquid nitrogen to continue protecting it from oxygen.

Last minute packaging

We pack the oil just before the courier passes by for shipments so the oil remains protected in the tanks until the last minute. In this way, as soon as you open the containers you receive at your home, you feel the same scents that we breathe in the mill during the pressing.