The advanced production techniques and systems of Frantoio Raguso at the service of superior quality extra virgin olive oil

Today, like yesterday, Frantoio Raguso combines the jealous preservation of the secrets of the oil art with the most advanced production systems.

Cold pressing on the same day as the harvest helps to preserve the organoleptic qualities of the oil.

In processing, the olives are subjected only to mechanical processes, without the addition of processes or chemicals.

The extra virgin olive oil of Frantoio Raguso is obtained from the first pressing of fresh olives, of excellent quality that have not undergone any other treatment other than washing, separation from the leaves, centrifugation and filtration.

This method represents the essential condition in order not to distort the qualities of the extra virgin, whose free acidity, expressed in oleic acid, is not higher than 0.2%.

Quality cannot be added to an oil, it can only be extracted and the Raguso family obtains the oil by simple mechanical pressing.

Today the company can boast the title of organic oil mill, ISO 14001 and HACCP environmental certification.

Only the olives from the best batches are used to obtain this high quality oil.

Ripe at the right point, hand-picked the Bambino, Coratina and Peranzana variety olives are sent to the proprietary oil mill where within a few hours they are pressed with production processes aimed at preserving all their goodness.

It strikes the eye for its beautiful green-yellow color with a pleasant hue.

The medium intense aromas bring us back to a green and intact olive, the result of a careful and timely harvest.

In the mouth it is consistent with the olfactory picture, presenting itself in a well-balanced way with pleasantly underlined bitter and spicy sensations.

The oil mill in numbers

Total production area
of Establishment
Quintals / h
Production capacity
bottle formats managed
bottles / h
Nations Served
bins for olives
Maximum acidity of the oil
cultivar of oil / olives managed
storage under nitrogen
quintals oil storage
Italian organic olive production chain
300 Ha
Olive grove area in property
Italian olive production chain
3 hours
intermediate time from harvesting by hand to milling
average of Polyphenols contained in Oils